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Close Your Doors & Stay Afloat, v2.0

Still think it doesn’t really matter whether or not you leave you’re doors open? Watch this video of a CMA CGM container ship wiping out in the Port of Constanta, Romania and see what happens to one of the two assist tugs that gets pinched. This was a tragedy narrowly averted.

There’s no way that tug survived it with a door open; they had to have been buttoned up.  Particularly with the engine room door(s), failure to make sure that this watertight integrity is maintained can mean the difference between going home at the end of your hitch or drowning in your bunkroom. Downflood the engine room and you are through, so don’t leave this to chance. If you can’t trust your shipmates to do it, and I’ve been in that situation before, then you must either do it yourself or find another boat to work on.

For further reading please see the post Do You Live In A Barn? Close Your Doors & Stay Afloat!

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