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Dancing With Miss Lucy: This Is Not A Simulation!

At slack water two tugs, one a new-ish ASD tractor and the other a rather elderly conventional twin-screw boat of classic lines, work together with a combined 9,000 hp to sail a ship: the Laura K. Moran (2008) and the Cape Cod (1967) both pull together to get the M/T Miss Lucy off the dock at IMTT – Con Hook (proper name: Constable Hook) in Bayonne, NJ. Once the ship is far enough off the dock to allow the stern to swing around, and with the Laura still backing, the Cape Cod comes ahead into the stern quarter to take in her line…..

…..and begin pushing on the stern.

The Miss Lucy begins to pivot around neatly in the middle of the Kill Van Kull.

The Cape Cod keeps pushing…..

…..while the Laura keeps pulling…..

…..and the Miss Lucy finally starts making headway.

Still working, the Laura begins to swing aft …..