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Deck License Examination Guide

If you’re planning on taking a deck license test, any test, you’ll definitely want to refer to the Coast Guard’s Guide for Administration of Merchant Marine Deck Examinations (Deck Guide) ahead of time for the specifics on the license you’re testing for. This is a big, dense “field manual” that provides instructions for those who actually administer the tests to mariners. In the CG’s words…..

1.  PURPOSE.  This manual provides guidance for NMC evaluators, examination room proctors and 

other personnel who actively monitor merchant marine applicants in the exam room of the Regional 

Examination Centers (REC).  Personnel evaluating merchant mariner applications and/or administering 

Merchant Marine Deck Examinations are to use this publication to determine which modules are to be 

administered for a given license level and what training is acceptable in lieu of an examination module.

So it isn’t written for us. Nevertheless, it’s packed with very valuable information and the more you know about the often-confusing process of obtaining a license (Oops, I meant to say “credential” since we don’t have licenses anymore. So sorry!) the better off you’ll be. Everything is clearly and logically divided up by license type so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding what you’re after.

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