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Federal Pilotage Requirements

An updated and expanded version of our Federal Pilotage Requirements flyer has just been added to the Sea Time page, along with a new flyer containing detailed information on the sea time, training and experience requirements for Tankerman-PIC (Barge).

The purpose of these new flyers (and the existing flyers for towing licenses, deck licenses, engineer licenses, able seaman & QMED certification) is to provide mariners, personnel managers, port captains, maritime educators and other interested parties with subject-specific references that give you enough detail to understand the relevant regulations without bogging you down with a big stack of CFR books full of non-relevant information. These flyers will be refined and updated as regulations change or the need for improvement becomes known. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions for improvements or for other subject areas that need to be covered.

Presently in the works is a comprehensive overview of manning, watch schedule and work-hour regulations for towing vessels on all routes, with tables that will show explicitly what applies and when. This is an area from which much confusion has sprung in the past and it is hoped that this will help us to avoid some of the many misunderstandings that always seem to arise. An STCW requirements flyer is also in the planning stage.

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