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If Your Car Gets Damaged On A Tow – Who Pays?

Usually, it’s the towing company that pays here in Hawaii.  Notice that tow truck drivers will do a walk-around of your vehicle and confirm it with you that your car doesn’t have any damages.  There’s a reason for that… Tow truck drivers don’t want to be liable for damages that were already there.  Believe me, it’s happened before, where the customer insists the damage wasn’t there before the tow.  Sometime a driver will photograph a car (in front of the owner) before towing if it has damage, just so that there’s evidence & documentation.

Usually, one of the pricey damages are amateur drivers that tow a vehicle using a chain or rope.  If the car being towed is an all-wheel drive, 4 wheel drive (or 4×4),  etc, the transmission will be permanently damaged if dragged along.  Typical cars such as 4×4 pickups, the Honda CRV, and the Toyota Rav4, require a dolly be used, so that none of the wheel are touching the ground.  That way, the transmission doesn’t see any damage.

Here’s an interesting article if you want to read further…

If Your Car Gets Screwed Up During Towing, Who Pays?

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