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Laugh Riot of the Week

As we head into the weekend, after a stupendously brutal week on Wall St., it’s imperative that we all take some time out to look at the lighter side of life. Rather than just wallow in the misery of your evaporating 401k, start your weekend off right with the comic relief of this quote from DRD Towing’s attorney Randy Waits in yesterday’s New Orleans Times-Picayune article by Jen DeGregorio. They’ve been covering the Coast Guard hearings held in the aftermath of July’s collision and spill on the Mississippi River between the T/V Mel Oliver, operated by DRD Towing and being steered by a completely unsupervised Apprentice Mate, and the M/T Tintomara.

“We’re operating at the highest standards in the industry,” Waits said. “We were performing every legal requirement.”

Right. Once you’ve caught your breath you can read the whole article on the News page. Enjoy…..

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