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Making The Cut: Work Knives For Seafarers – Part II

Now for the fixed blade knives…..

Boye Boat Knives makes the Basic 3 of dendritic cobalt that is claimed to be completely rust-free.

It also comes in a rounded-tip safety version for emergency use. A pointed tip can be very dangerous to the user in some circumstances, as well as to anyone you might be assisting.

They go for $306.00 apiece, including a brass-lined nylon sheath. The built-in sharpening angle guides at the base of the blades are a very nice touch.

Spyderco’s Aqua Salt is available with either a straight or serrated 4 & 11/16″ blade for $76.95. The wicked shahp blades, along with a truly outstanding handle, make this a seriously effective cutting tool.  In prolonged use, particularly for use in a survival situation, a knife’s handle runs neck and neck with the blade in importance, and a poorly-designed handle will make its presence known to you in short order. Your hand will rapidly become fatigued, and eventually start to cramp, as you cut away. Blisters may soon follow, which can partially or fully disable your primary working hand at a very bad time. Spyderco really did these up right and they’ve become my favorite fishing utility knives, while still serving well for any kind of general marine use, and at a very reasonable price.

The Jumpmaster is a stout, powerful knife with a 1/8-inch thick x 4 1/2-inch long blade for $172.95. You could probably bring down a mature Redwood with it if you were determined enough…..

Their Caspian Salt is available in this semi-pointed style…..

…..and the Caspian2 Salt has a blunt or chisel-tipped “point.”