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Making The Cut: Work Knives For Seafarers – Part III

Here’s some worthy folders that slipped past me for inclusion in Part I of this series…..

Benchmade’s Doug Ritter RSK Mk1 with a 3.44-inch drop point blade and “Don’t Lose Me” orange handles is a smaller, folding version of the Mk3 fixed-blade survival knife. It can be had for $118.00 from Aeromedix.

If you have smaller hands, or just want a smaller knife, then consider the Mini-RSK Mk1 with a 2.88-inch blade and yellow handles for $110.00.

If you need a partially-serrated edge check out the RSK Mk1 ComboEdge (3.44-inch blade) for$135.00.

All of them have the same robust blade of S30V stainless steel, excellent grips, and other thoughtful design touches like the ridged thumb rest…..

…..and all U.S.A.-made for Equipped To Survive’s Doug Ritter by Benchmade in Oregon City, OR.

Of course you’ll need to sharpen all knives periodically, so take a look at Spyderco’s Tri-Angle Sharpmaker…..

…..which comes with medium and fine high-alumina ceramic stones. You can sharpen practically anything with this set, which comes with an excellent instructional DVD, and it’s $54.95 from You might also want the diamond rods, $44.95, for when you have to do some serious metal removal or re-shaping work to a badly damaged blade.