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Medical Guidelines For Mariners: notice of availability.

Today the U.S. Coast Guard published a notice of availability in the Federal Register for the new Medical & Physical Evaluation Guidelines For Merchant Mariner Credentials NVIC #04-08. The notice doesn’t contain the guidelines themselves, but rather is the official announcement to the public of their existence and availability. You can scroll down to the Sept. 23rd post on “New Medical Guidelines for Mariners” to download the NVIC itself and the eight enclosures that go with it. We urge all mariners to read this notice first, before wading through the actual NVIC, because it offers a concise background of how it was created, what that process involved, and who was involved in it. It will also give you some insight as to where the C.G. is coming from, as well as answer a number of questions you may have about how it will be applied in the current system. Read on!

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