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Photo Of The Week – 1/25/10

Rust never sleeps…..not even for a mariner’s saint like Plimsoll. The international load line has been around since 1930, although in Sam Plimsoll’s U.K. they’ve been the law of the land since 1876, and in the U.S. they’re assigned by ABS. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone, politician or otherwise, who fought harder for safe working conditions for seafarers than he did. Corrupt MPs, who just happened to be ship-owners as well, fought him bitterly every inch of the way. Fortunately for us he stuck it out and today his legacy is welded onto the hulls of boats and ships worldwide. Thanks, Sam…..

#PlimsollMark #ABLine #AmericanBureauofShipping #ABS #SamuelPlimsoll #InternationalLoadLine #LoadLine

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