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Photo Of The Week – 5/11/09

Shackle on deck!

Shackle on deck!

Past the Scotland Buoy, up Ambrose Channel, through the Narrows, into the Upper Bay, above the Battery and into the North River. Finally, up near the the tunnel vents, the barge is reeled in short and the tug flops around. The pennant is pulled up on deck, the stopper passed, the wire backed out as the stopper takes the strain, the shackle is broken, the stopper released and the tug is free. Quickly back to the barge’s stern and bend around into the notch, the push gear is passed over, tightened, and the safety lines put out. Check in with New York Traffic and we’re on our way for the East River and a slack-water rendevous with the Hell Gate. Last stop is the 149th St. terminal at Port Morris in the Bronx. The deckhands made it look easy: the boys from Tangier may be a long way from home but have this evolution down cold, like a NASCAR pit crew on a 4-tire change. All that and no squashed sailboats or capsized kayakers to report. All’s well on Gotham’s unofficial 6th borough…..

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