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Photo Of The Week – 5/18/09

Old School Tugboating

Old-School Tugboating

Abeam of the Beavertail, the wind drops off in Rhode Island Sound. Off-season and minus the blow boats, we’re inbound approaching Castle Hill at the mouth of Narragansett Bay’s East Passage. The tug is slowed, the wire is shortened, and the barge creeps up on us with the flooding current just prior to breaking loose and getting into push gear for the trip up to Providence. No doghouse, no fancy bullshit and no drama. Just real, conventional tugboating on a beautiful late afternoon in March. Capt. Bob Miller quietly shows how it’s done, Old Schoolstylee.

#Providence #PushGear #TowWire #RhodeIslandSound #CastleHill #NarragansettBay #ConventionalTugs

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