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Photo Of The Week – 6/1/09

Buchanan #10 southbound on the Hudson with a load, near Storm King Mountain.

Pushing hard, the Buchanan #12 grinds downstream past Storm King Mountain and into the Hudson Highlands on the way back to Gotham. The atmosphere percolates and storm clouds form as the summer sun beats down on the land where GW & Co. were chased up one side of the river and down the other by representatives of another George. Today, with much less excitement and intrigue, a routine load of bluestone from the massive rock-crusher at Clinton Point heads south for suburban driveways all over the tri-state region. But will they, too, encounter chains in just a few miles? For further reading…..

#HudsonRiver #TheContinentalArmy #HudsonHighlands #BuchananMarine #TheAmericanRevolution #Bluestone #HudsonRiverChain #GenGeorgeWashington #Gotham #ClintonPoint #StormKingMountain

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