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Photo Of The Week – 7/20/09


Many “compromise” designs wind up being mediocre (or worse) at nearly everything. But here’s an intriguing one: the Lisa Moran looks like an excellent all-around boat for the typical multi-tasking needs of “the Ditch”, the James River, the Hampton Roads area, and the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays. It’s a triple-screw, shallow draft, 2,800 hp inland towboat, but it also has full-coverage bulwarks to keep the seas off the decks. On the stern there’s a winch and a texas bar with a donut for some real towing capability. Surely you wouldn’t want to go outside of the bay, or even in the open bay during truly bad weather, but it looks sound for light to moderate conditions. Good all-around visibility, dual radars and spotlights. This boat looks like a winner…..seen here at the Alcoa dock on the Southern Branch in Chesapeake, Va.

#HamptonRoads #Tugboat #Towboat #MoranTowing #PushKnees #ChesapeakeBay #TexasBar

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