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Photos Of The Week – 10/19/09


Meet Penn Maritime’s Penn No. 6, a very rugged-looking boat that clearly exudes the no-nonsense attitude of a big, powerful seagoing tug. It positively reeks of old-school.


No, it’s not just another pretty face. This is the place where, when pushing, kinetic force is transferred from one hull to another, all 5,700 hp of it. The barge moves and the cargo gets delivered. When towing outside this is where the seas are taken, literally, on the chin.


The Oakland Raiders paint job and big gobs of rubber say bad-ass all the way. Built in 1970 by the Southern Shipbuilding Co. in Slidell, LA. as the Robert Alario, the No. 6 is 149 feet long, with a relatively svelte beam of just 35 feet, and carries 130,000 gallons of diesel fuel which allows for long-range, trans-ocean towing capabilities.

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