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Photos Of The Week – 4/27/09

Rejoining last week’s voyage, we continue towing our barge inbound and enter the Narrows with a fighter-bomber escort above…..

Verrazano Bridge

as we pass under explorer Giovanni da Verrazano’s namesake of 1964 vintage, still the United State’s largest suspension bridge.


Officially, it’s the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. The Verrazano Bridge is much smaller and more obscure, yet still belongs to Giovanni, and is located far from Gotham on a seaside island south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Looking back, the sky and the light keeps changing as it did off Romer…..

#NewYorkHarbor #Bridges #GiovannidaVerrazano #VerrazanoBridge #VerrazanoNarrowsBridge #TheNarrows

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