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Roadside Assistance versus Trespass Towing

I remember when I was 16 and worked at Island Triathalon & Bike (on the corner of Kapahulu & Campbell near Waikiki).  Although parking was (and still is) very limited in Kaimuki, I had the most fun, because I loved everything and anything about the “candy store” I worked at. Minimum wage made all the high-end bicycle goodies unaffordable, but I met tons of great people and made life long friends that had the same like-minded interest.  I enjoyed helping people, and they sincerely thanked me for it.  I liked that.

Since I enjoy helping people, as an adult I got into the towing business in Oahu.  Mind you, there is a big difference between trespass towing and roadside assistance.  Trespass towing is what we don’t do, and that is taking someone’s car because it’s been illegally parked.  It’s also called unconsentual tow, because the owner of the vehicle did not want their car towed.  On the other hand, roadside assistance is when someone calls me up and asks me for help.  It’s the exact opposite – people want you there ASAP for affordable towing.  That’s what I like.  I love to help and be appreciated.  It could be just a jump start or keys locked in the car, but there’s a certain magic quality to see the relief in people’s expressions.

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