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The Latest NMA Newsletter & Other New Stuff

First up: the latest issue of the National Mariners Association newletter, NMA #62 – April/May 2009, is hot off the press (or on the worldwide web, as it were) and ready for downloading. So get to reading…..

Second: our Deck License and Federal Pilotage & Route Requirements flyers have been updated as of May 15th for better clarification and accuracy or to make the language more consistent with the other flyers. Get ’em if you want ’em down at the bottom of the Licensing & Cert. page.

Last: lots of new, useful and hopefully interesting information has been added over the last few weeks. New sections have been added full of Coast Guard policy letters, NVIC’s, accident reports and other documents, ABS guides and papers, as well as important research papers from different sources. All of it was selected for its relevance to our industry as well as the greater Merchant Marine. There’s way too much to list so just browse through the different pages or sections and you’ll find a wealth of information that you may never have known even existed. It’s been scattered all over the web in hard-to-find places or on sites that aren’t user-friendly. Now you can access it easily in one spot and it’ll be updated regularly. There’s more than enough to keep you occupied for a long time so enjoy…..

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