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Towing Companies sued for overcharging

How does the consumer know what a fair price for towing is?  There are many factors to consider, including location, time of day, traffic, distance to destination, type of car, modifications, etc.

Quote from the story out of Ohio:

“Once the towing company has your car, you are basically helpless when it comes to what you have to pay to get it back,” Gittes said. “You can’t negotiate, you can’t refuse to pay, and in most cases, the person who just got towed has no idea what is reasonable, much less what the maximum allowed rate is.”

Full story:

Tow Choice will help with a similar dilemma involving emergency and consumer scheduled tows.  Tow Choice offers consumers the choice of tow truck drivers who are nearby along with their pricing for that particular tow.  Tow Choice will start with Honolulu towing companies, then expand to the rest of Oahu and other Hawaii cities and beyond.

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