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Wear A Fire Hose To Work!

No shit! Work wear made of heavy-weight 10.9 oz. cotton canvas, just like the jacketing on fire hoses. What’s tougher than fire hose? Not the cheap synthetic kind that has lately become popular on work boats because it’s, well, cheap. We’re talking about the good stuff: the old-fashioned, double-layer, tough-as-nails variety that is highly snag/tear-resistant and won’t fall apart in the washing machine. This material offers excellent cut/scrape protection o the wearer is truly bad ass!

Being as it’s summer and the heat is stifling on the eastern seaboard I’ll start with the Ultimate Work Shorts, currently on sale for $39.50 and billed as the “toughest short on the planet.” That is not hyperbole, a.k.a. bullshit.

Yes, they are as tough as they look. Double or triple-stitched where it matters, with lots of little touches that count: a gusseted crotch for extra mobility, heavy metal snaps for the cargo and rear pockets, box-stitched “blowout preventers” at the bottom opening of the front pockets, extra-deep pockets made of a single layer of the same canvas, a large metal pull on the front zipper, and more.

They’re extremely well made and worth the money, even at the normal $44.50 price. Get ’em while they’re on sale. And yes, the forward-thinking people at Duluth Trading have also remembered that women might need them too.

Then there are the Fire Hose Loggers, with a double-layer on the front from crotch to mid-shin, which is where much of the wear will typically be. They, too, have many of the same thoughtful features as the shorts and cost $49.50 a pair.

Finally, we come to the DTPro Work Pants, which are described as “like a tool box you can wear” and are made from the mid-weight 10.5-ounce fire hose canvas.

With loads of pockets and tool loops, plus built-in knee pads, these heavily-reinforced pants are high grade. Normally $79.50, you can get them on sale now for $49.50.

The Duluth Trading Co. has been selling their own wide-ranging and gradually expanding line of Fire Hose Workwear for several years now. It has become quite popular and for good reason: excellent value for the money spent. They back everything up with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a no-hassle return policy, and are a real pleasure to do business with. This has rightfully earned them the much-coveted status of being fully Towmasters-approved.

Now, stop loafing and get back to work!

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