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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The New Way to 

Success. advance. progress. profit.

Our mission is to unite your operation with tools and information for success.  

We really put an emphasis on providing actionable information to the entire operation, whether it's via reports automatically delivered to your email, or details in the solution for the users to make informed choices based on quantifiable facts.  

If our solutions are not fitting your needs we are happy to work with you to accommodate those changes. Because of all this, we have a close working relationship with our clients, and support is top-notch.

Who We Are

We are passionate about providing the transportation and automotive industries with solutions that enable all aspects of their operations to succeed.  Our success is measured by your success.  

Our staff has significant background experience in the software industry; in AI, business intelligence, large-scale database design, web design and development, and systems architecture. 

Our Story

The XTR1 mission is to unite your operation with the tools and information for success!  

Meet The Team

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